Monday, September 29, 2008


Marcy and I took a 20 hour bus ride to Bariloche which is the Lake District in Argentina. The bus was a luxury ride complete with movies and chairs that fold out into beds. Unfortunately the chair-beds were designed for short people so I´m a bit cramped from the unfolding.

The lake district is beautiful and we have already signed up for trekking trips and horseback riding. I´m excited for some adventure.

Update on the warm clothes-I found a place that hand makes coats for about 40 dollars US. So I am set.

Alright more later but we are off to buy food for tomorrow.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

To the South!

Marcy (who is on the mend) and I are headed on a 20 hour bus ride to the South to hike, kayak, horseback ride, safari and more. I've discovered that I didn't pack for hiking at all. So I purchased some waterproof pants and a fleece scarf and I found my first Argentina man over six feet tall. They exist!

My Spanish comprehension is already improving. I can understand signs and can successfully ask "how much?". I just don't understand the response...

I've decided the culture here is based on a college students life. Party all night, get up at four, eat nothing but meat and potatoes. Nap. Look mildly disheveled and drink wine with cereal. I could get used to this, I think.

Alright time to turn off Urban Diana and turn on Cowboy Diana. Wish me luck with the penguins.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Planes and Radiotaxis

I began traveling yesterday morning at 4 am after staying up all night packing and panic-ing. Then spent seven hours in the Washington DC airport, where I discussed politics and drank beers with a sax player named Josh.

Then I boarded my first international flight in over two years. I missed them: individual TVs, safety messages in two languages and meals! I spent most of the flight sleeping and watching the tail end of movies. Halfway through, we had so much turbulence that I thought we were going to die. I made my peace and went back to sleep only to find us landing in Buenos Aires.

Marcy met me at the airport. She is unfortunately sick as sick can be with a mouth full of cold sores. Not great for sleeping next to or depending on her to translate for me. We were supposed to leave for the south tomorrow but we have delayed the trip until Sunday. When I hope she will be better, or else, I'll be lonely on our hikes.

Her family is amazing. They are housing me and sweet and friendly and trying to teach me Spanish. I have never wanted to know Spanish more. It is so frustrating because I can understand so much. But I can barely speak. I'm limited to si, no, gracis and a few other words.

Argentina and I instantly hit it off. Its better than Europe. I wish I could understand more. They have Kinder eggs so I'm happy.

The drivers are crazy. The traffic lights go from red to yellow then green. How can you not want to reve your engine and speed after a countdown like that. The people are mainly friendly although I've been to shy to do more than say Hello.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here's my September Timeline:

4 days until Mom and Will's birthday BBQ
10 days until Portland, OR and Nick and Megan's wedding
17 days until Vegas and Christine, Leah, Liz and Jeff reunion
21 days until CSS and Tilly and the Wall concert
22 days until my 23rd birthday
23 days until 6 weeks in Argentina