Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunset Junction

This weekend was Sunset Junction which is really amazing if you do it right, which I felt like I did. After busing over on my trusty 2 line (I will miss you!), I ended up waiting for a few hours while Jacob made his way from the Echo Park side. So I had some drinks and befriended the security guards who eventually let me in sans wristband. I feel like if that hadn't happened, I probably would have been waiting for hours more.

I watched CAVA, Broken Social Scene and this amazing Afrobeats Band perform and mainly just hung out at 4100. Spent way too much money on street meat and drinks. Dewars became Depars forever.

It was one of those days when I just stopped caring. At first I was concerned that I wasn't hipster enough for this fair and spent the first hour there drinking alone while waiting for friends, and then I just had a blast.

Until next year, Sunset Junction.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Almost home

I'm sitting in my apartment working from home and it looks so empty. I'm almost completely moved out. Its been a wonderful year on Selma Ave and I'm sad to leave. I keep telling myself that I am making the right decision, moving back home will allow me to travel to Portland, Las Vegas and Argentina, buy a new computer and save up some money but I can't help but feel like my freedom is slowly fading.

Having my parents so close by has had its up and downs but mostly I feel taken care of. Now I feel like I won't have much of an escape from them. Am I making the right decision? Or am I taking the safe road with my tail between my legs?

Even though I loved Selma, I never really felt moved in. The neighbors, sweet as can be, are all a family. Its like Melrose Place grew up and didn't leave and had kids. I never thought I would be there forever. I never hung up photos, bothered painting, made dinners like I imagined.

Part of me didn't want to set too many roots: still in the college mind set of live in a place for a year and then pack it all up again. I was mildly convinced I would be living in New York City by now. And here I am, taking a six week break from the world in Argentina, and then coming back, I hope, fresh and ready to take on my goals seriously.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


If you are curious and want to check us out:



went to New York.
performed with Casting Couch.
stayed out until 8 a.m.
broke my cell phone.
borrowed a cell phone and lost its charger.
finished two books.
came back to Los Angeles.
went to the doctor.
saw my brother.
purchased a vintage fridge.
caused a car accident.
performed with TAB.
portrayed several cripples in one 20 minute show.
realized I eat about 300 calories a day in little chocolate candies.

Not bad for a week...