Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food Blog

I've been pretty upset recently with the food blogging in Los Angeles. There seems to be 10 New York Food Blogs for every Los Angeles Food blog. Most of them barely updated since 2003. So I started my own: And They Say We Don't Eat

Enjoy my musings on my favorite places to eat.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Buenos Aires Part One

I realize that I just posted about the election but I'm excited and too pumped to go to sleep so I thought I would write about my last three weeks in Buenos Aires.

It starts with Marcy and I flying back to meet up with Catherine. It was so great to be a threesome again. The truth is that we rarely spend time with each other. We have a comfortability with each other that few friends have while barely knowing what is going on in the other's life. It was wonderful to spend time with Catherine and Marcy. Here is how we spent it:

We started by having a late lunch in Plaza Serrano where we met two Irish guys who were lost souls. They were hopeless so being the generous souls that we are, we took them under our wing. The evening was spent drinking with them until the early morning when Marcy talked her way into a pizza for us and we played in a play ground meant for three year olds.

The next day, we went to Siga La Voca which is an all you can eat Asado place, which gives you a whole bottle of wine with your meal. In preparation, we didn't eat all day so we were very happy to eat all we could.

Thursday we went to the Pink house and saw the mothers marching for their sons. Since mother's day was on Sunday, the crowd was huge and speeches were filled with tears and hope.

Friday, we went to MOD with Magda (Marcy's niece) and her friends. We danced until 6 am when the club closed, enjoyed an Argentina Elvis impersonator and I experienced how much being a six foot blonde means in Argentina. I am impressed by Catherine's ability to dance forever...move over Energizer bunny...

Saturday, we went to Ricoleta for the Artsist fair. I had been once before while Marcy was sick and enjoyed it much more the second time around. Catherine and I discovered our mothers' ability to shop has been passed down to us. We used our powers with caution.

Sunday was Boca vs. River. And the horse races. I believe I wrote about that before.

A few of our friends from the South had come into town so we met them for dinner on Monday and went out at a club near Milhouse. It was wonderful to see them and the club did its purpose for a Monday night.

Sometime during the week, we discover the shopping district where we all bought our leather jackets, boots, jerseys, havanas....did I mention the power to shop...

Silvia wanted to see Eva the musical and we got two boxes for the Sunday show. The show was incredible. Beautiful and perfectly directed. I was amazed that I still felt the same power of theater that I had felt eight years ago when I first saw 42nd street. The musical bleed Argentina: its history, its pride, its story. What a wonderful opportunity to see it in Buenos Aires where it meant so much.

The rest will wait for tomorrow.


I spent election night in Buenos Aires which may have been the best decision of my life. First of all, I had ran into Sam Widdoes from Windward's middle school days two days before hand and he led us to a bar where the American population of Buenos Aires was hanging out. The place was packed and I started sweating as soon as I entered the place. The most overwhelming featuring - everyone was cheering for Obama.

It makes sense. American travelers are few and far between and most of them are liberal. So of course this bar was filled with Obama supporters. And I have to admit, it was nice to boo at McCain and cheer for Obama and fuck the "vote for whomever you believe"bullshit.

So Marcy, Sam, and I spent the evening drinking beers and explaining the electorail process to a brit named Sophie and then it was announced: OBAMA WAS THE PRESIDENT ELECT!!!!!

Champagne and beer was sprayed on me and everywhere. People were screaming and I started to cry. I gave my champagne to a man who looked so in shock, he needed whiskey and not champagne.

We listened to McCain's speak. No longer was he the villain of this election but a proud supporter. A noble loser. I have always admired what he has done. I blame the Republican party for what he was turned into.

Then Obama spoke. And I cried. And the man who I gave my champagne to, I should mention he was a black man studying law, held me. Yes. I can't be the stereotypical but wonderful moment I had. Being held by a man I just met while I cried in a bar in Buenos Aires for a man who I suddenly believe could change the world.

For the first time, I feel proud to chant U. S. A. For the longest time, especially while traveling, I've been embarrassed that I have nothing to call home but the United States. But tonight I was proud to be American. I feel like good things are coming.

My mom told be to come home to America (the North One) and I am excited to do so.

Fuck I feel like a Unicef commercial.